Fequently Asked Questions

Surface Treatment Questions

We Regular Clean, is that Enough?

Regular cleaning and disinfection methods are only effective while wet. Once those products dry, all it takes is one person to re-contaminate a surface or room.

What’s the big deal with Surfaces?

Depending on the surface, we know Human Coronavirus can remain active on surfaces for up to 7 days (latest CDC guidance).

Who else has used these solutions?

Just to cite a few in the sports world, our 30 day protection mPale product has been trusted by the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, USA Olympics and national brands like Nautilus. It has also been adopted as the only cleaning and surface protection chemical Boeing trusts to clean the interior of the insides of their airplanes.

Why not use the 90 day protection product for everything?

The 90 day protection chemical leaves a very thin visible layer of protection. Some people love seeing their surfaces are protected but this is not appropriate for all applications, Such as a glass conference room table or high quality wood furniture.

How do you know it really works?

Visual inspections are not enough to ensure a surface is clean and free from contaminate, virus, or other living bacteria. Infection Control Professionals agree that the only way to verify a surface is actually clean is through a bio-load verification process.

After our certified techs have thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and applied our exclusive long term surface protection. They engage in ATP testing to confirm high touch points are completely clean and ready for our PosiDefense seal of approval.

What is ATP Testing?

ATP is a proven method to measure cleanliness. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

Does this eliminate our need to continue regularly cleaning our surfaces?

In short, no. You’ll still want to wipe surfaces down the same as you ever did, as it won’t dissolve/remove a drink that’s spilled on the counter or food messes. However, you won’t need to be hyperactive in your cleaning procedures, and you won’t need to disinfect/clean after every time a surface is even touched. The long term surface protection works through a mechanical kill at the nano layer. The surface must be clean from crease and crime so that the nano layer of protection can do it’s thing.

Are these chemicals toxic to the human body?

No. While we don’t recommend you pour it in a glass and drink it, our chemicals and procedures do not pose a threat to human health and wellness.

When shopping around, what questions should I make sure to ask?

  • Will you provide me with a field report showing my surfaces being cleaned and protected? PosiDefense Will.
  • Will you conduct ATP or Bio-Load testing of a few surfaces and share those results with photos after you have cleaned? PosiDefense Will.
  • After disinfecting my business, how quickly can the surfaces be re-contaminated if someone contaminated walks in and touches the surfaces? PosiDefense offers a 30 day and 90 day surface protection barrier.

Air Purification Questions

Can the AC filter in your home, office or local mall protect you from Covid-19?

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that malls could not reopen until they installed HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters capable of trapping the virus that causes Covid-19. His decision was based on evidence (acknowledged on Tuesday by the WHO) that the coronavirus is airborne.

Because the CDC and WHO have been slow to acknowledge aerosol transmission, buildings are not being retrofitted with appropriate control measures, one expert said. But air purifiers and modern air conditioning systems can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus — so can wearing masks, and only meeting people in places with good air circulation (outdoors or with an open window). Curious what filtration and ventilation systems might be useful for your home or office?