Superior Solutions to Keep Your Business Safe

Don’t let your business become the next COVID Hot Spot.
Disinfecting alone can put your team at risk and is NOT a long-term solution.

Any company can clean. PosiDefense protects.

What Makes Us Different?

Proven Longterm Solutions

Our chemical and application techniques have been created by a team of doctors, scientists and service experts. We offer the best because that’s what you and your business deserve.

Confidence Through Testing

Once we treat your site, we’ll be back to test it so you can keep your doors open with confidence, knowing our solutions are working as hard as you are. It’s our ongoing guarantee.

The PosiD Seal of Approval

Add an extra layer of confidence with PosiD stickers, signage and videos. When employees and customers see the PosiD Seal, they’ll know you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe.

The PosiDefense Way

As your full circle bio safety protection partner, we offer long term surface protection and air purification solutions. We can also keep you and your business fully stocked with PPE and sanitation supplies. We’re full service when you need it most.

Long Term Surface Protection

A proprietary two-step process that sanitizes and provides ongoing protection through our nano technology. The chemical creates a physical barrier that prevents bacteria growth for up to 30 days. It’s effective, it’s efficient. It’s PosiD.

Air Purification

Our OZ Free Solutions are among the most advanced in the world. And we don’t let just anyone install them. Our team consists of certified experts that place our air purification solutions with unparalleled precision.

Textile Treatments

Keeping your fabric fresh is one thing. Keeping it safe and sanitary for up to 30 washes? That’s our thing.

Health & Safety Supplies

At PosiDefense, we do more than disinfect and protect. We also offer everything you need to keep it clean – PPE, hand sanitizer, contactless faucets and more.

Here’s how it works…


Step One : Contact us

for a custom biodefense plan. We’ll create the perfect plan complete with pricing.

Step Two : Customize & Treat

Add and subtract services as needed to fit your business and your budget. Then let our team of certified technicians clean & protect your surfaces with our 2 step chemical process. And install air purification solutions when applicable.

Step Three : Rest Assured

Open your doors with confidence and show your community how it’s done.

Enough Talk, Let's Do This.